Content Standard
    Design and Manufacture API6D
    Pressure-Temperature Rating ASME B16.34
    Face to Face Dimensions MFG.Standard/As Required
    Flange Type and Dimensions ASME B16.5/B16.47
    Butt-Welded End ASME B16.25
    Inspection and Test API6D/API598
    Size Range 2"~36"
    Pressure Grade 150Lb~2500Lb
Manufacturing to NACE MR-01-75 on request
SBV Top Entry Ball Valves give the advantage of in-line repair or replacement of the valve internal components without removing the valve from the line. This is why these type of valves are frequently used on high pressure pipelines, especially with heavy oils, where relatively frequent cleaning is needed, thus minimizing the disassembly and re-assembly of the valve with a remarkable cost saving. Furthermore, the material can be cast or forged, it can minimize all leak paths and eliminate any potential contact between threads and wetted parts. Other typical applications for SBV Top Entry Ball Valves:
*Offshore: due to space and weights handling constraints
*Onshore: either for the reasons above or for installation in remote areas not accessible to heavy lifting equipments
* Cryogenic services.
It has a lot of advantages, such as small fluid resistance, simple structure, small volume ,light weight, reliable sealing, convenience for operation and maintenance, open and close quickly, as well as start and close flexibly.
1. One Piece Body Construction
One piece body is used for the body to guarantee sufficient strength and rigidity under maximum rated operating pressure. The internal parts of valve are carefully designed and selected to ensure reliability under all kinds of operating condition. Enough margin wall thickness and adaptation of high strength connective bolts are convenient for valve maintenance and sufficiency to support the stress from piping.
2. Top entry Design
Its most difference from Side Entry ball valve is that its maintenance can be made in pipeline and without removing the valves from the pipeline.
3. Double Block & Bleed (DBB)
When ball is full open or close position, the fluid in body cavity can be released by drainage and vent valve. In additional, the overpressure in the body cavity  can be released .
4. Anti-Static and Fire Safe Design
The Fire safe design of valve meets the requirement in API6FA/API607 standard and the design of the anti-static conforms to regulations in API6D and BS5351.
5. Low Operation Torques
The ball valve has a trunnion mounted ball, whose surface is ground, polished and hard face treated. The ball and stem is integrated, sliding bearing is installed on the external bore so that the friction radius is small and operation torque is very low.
6. Emergency Sealant Injection System
In case of fire or other accidents, the seat or stem O-rings are damaged and valve got leakage, the specialing grease may be injected through a sealant fittings that are located on the adapter or stem to reach emergent and temporary sealing function and prevent fluid leakage from seat and stem.
7. Reliable sealing
The seat is formed by seat sealing and metal retainer component. The seat retainer floats axially and low pressure sealing of valve seat is reached by pre-pressure of spring. Additionally, the piston effect of valve seat is designed reasonably, which realized high pressure sealing by the pressure of operating medium and realize the interception of retainer to form the sealing of the body. The expansion graphite ring is designed to realize sealing under fire condition.
8. Extension Stem for Underground or Low Temperature Services
For the underground installed valve, the stem can be extended and for the convenience of operation, the Sealant Injection System and Drainage valve can be extended to the top of valve. The stem extension length shall be as per customer's requirements.
9. Various Operation Types
The Top Working Pad of this valve is designed according to ISO 5211 (if design is allowed),which is convenient for connection and change its operation types. The common operation types are manual (Lever/Gear Box), electrical, pneumatic and pneumatic/hydraulic.
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